news • 14 August 2023

Tutor Spotlight: We Talk All Things Animation With Paul Harrison

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Written by Paul Harrison

Head of Animation

Recently, we had the chance to chat to our new Head of Animation, Paul Harrison, about his role at Escape, the animation industry, and more! 

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Escape Studios? 

For me it is a great privilege to launch the students into a world that they love. We know that what we teach them doesn't just give them a toolbox to carry with them, it sets them on a path.  So many of them come to us with a dream, so helping make it real feels like a very significant thing to do. We are constantly humbled by their passion and talent, and it gives us great joy to see them thriving in what they love. 

Why should people choose to study Animation? 

 Animation, like music and art, touches on something very fundamental in us all. All of us connect with a beautiful animation, and it is interesting that so often kids get it so much more than adults do. To me that points to the fact that what we love about it is quite fundamental in us. Kids are undeniably drawn to animation of any kind. So, like any art, to do it well gives you the chance to touch a lot of people. 

What's the most exciting thing about the Animation industry at the moment? 

I firmly feel we are seeing a new era. When Disney came along to challenge rubber hose animation, its new style of visual poetry dominated for decades. Then Pixar came along and blew it out of the water, and CG animation dominated. Now we have seen creative projects like Spiderverse and Arcane completely turn the industry on its head again with a brand-new visual style and we have moved into a new phase. Artists and animators are suddenly given a new blank canvas to reinvent, and whole pipelines are being reinvented. I think it is a very exciting time to be an artist. 

 If you’re interested in studying Animation at Escape Studios, you can check out our range of courses, browse our Dean of Animation’s dedicated animation blog and of course visit one of our open day events, which run throughout the year.