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Explore your application timeline, frequently asked questions and what to expect after applying to Escape Studios.

Infographic explaining the application journey for 2024 entry

Ready to apply? Applications for September 2024 entry are open.

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You don't need any prior knowledge of particular software, but it helps if you are used to working on computers. We also don't mind what you have studied necessarily, as we're more focused on what's in your portfolio.

It's more important that you have creative talent and a passion for the industry – we can teach you the rest.

  • We don’t mind what sort of portfolio it is (drawing, painting, digital art, showreel, photography, software, sculpture, etc.). 

  • The process is more important than the finished item: what were you aiming to achieve, how did you go about that, how successful do you think it was? 

  • We want an insight into the way you think creatively (influences, problem-solving, etc.). What is important is that it’s something you’re passionate about and you’re pleased with it, so don’t just put things in that you think we want to see. We want to understand what you were trying to achieve and how you got there. 

Have a flick through our undergraduate portfolio guide.

Please visit the international hub to read through tailored information for international students.

We assess applicants' suitability for the programmes based on your portfolio. Academic conditions are there to encourage you to reach the predicted grades that your teachers feel you are capable of achieving. However, we are aware it doesn’t always pan out that way, so when it comes to results day, we can be flexible on the conditions.

If you are particularly concerned, then we can amend conditions* if provided with a new set of predicted grades by email from your school or college.

*Subject to UCAS restrictions at certain times of year

Studio workstations are available for you to work on your projects during opening hours.

If you prefer to have a machine at home as well, you can read our guidance on buying your own PC or laptop for completing your project work.

You can study our courses full time as either a three-year Bachelor's degree (BA/BSc) or a four-year Integrated Masters degree (MArt/MSci). 

Those staying on for the fourth year are likely to want to start their own studios. As well as graduating with an integrated masters degree, the fourth year adds entrepreneurship to the mix, and you’ll spend it running your own studio just like a commercial venture (with guidance from us of course).

As part of your application, you will need to agree to our terms and conditions before your place on the course can be secured.