Access and participation

Our Access and Participation Team work across the college to develop and maintain fair access to students from all backgrounds and contribute to running existing and future outreach activities. 

Access and Participation Plan

Escape Studios is committed to widening participation in higher education and has an Access and Participation Plan, which is approved by the Office for Students (OfS).

The aim of access and participation plans is to set out how higher education providers will improve equality of opportunity for underrepresented groups to access, succeed in and progress from higher education.

Our Access and Participation Plan includes:

  • Our ambition for change

  • What we plan to do to achieve that change

  • Our targets

  • Our investment to deliver the plan.

Access and Participation plans

Read an accessible, plain English summary of our current Access and Participation Plan.

Access and Participation Plan (2020/21 to 2024/25) - This includes the variation to our Access and Participation Plan for the year 2023/24, which was approved by the Office for Students in January 2023.

Tuition fee information

The information on tuition fees for 2023/24 in our Access and Participation Plan is subject to approval.

For more information about access and participation plans, please visit the OfS website.

School partnerships

We work with schools and teachers to build meaningful relationships and encourage young people to get involved in the creative subject areas we offer at Escape Studios.

Teachers and careers advisors are influential in helping students make their difficult choices for their education and future career. We can help you ensure your students can progress and find their dream career.

We provide a range of interactive workshops, presentations and sessions for your students including tips on applying to university, employability, communication skills, as well as popular sessions on careers in the creative industries.

Teacher and Careers Advisors Leaflet

Wellbeing and Inclusivity Ambassadors

Our Wellbeing and Inclusivity Ambassadors are part of the team working towards the college’s Access and Participation Plan. They help make sure the voices and opinions of students are heard and prioritised. These roles help students from diverse backgrounds communicate their views to staff, push and challenge us to continually improve our support and spread the word about our work to their fellow students.

Wellbeing and Inclusivity Ambassadors work on initiatives that promote wellbeing, foster an inclusive community and create a sense of belonging within the student population. This can include raising awareness of diversity and inclusion issues, gathering student opinions, running events, social media presence and workshops. Specific projects they work on are set in agreement with the Access and Participation Manager. The Ambassadors' work has a particular focus on ensuring an inclusive and successful higher education experience for:

  • Black students

  • Care-experienced students 

  • Students from neighbourhoods where young people are least likely to access higher education (termed POLAR4 Quintile 1 neighbourhoods) 

  • Disabled students 

View our Access and Participation Plan