Term dates

Our academic year is divided into three terms: Autumn (AUT), Spring (SPR) and Summer (SUM).

You should make a note of the term dates and ensure you can attend during all weeks that are not designated as “holiday”. This includes reading weeks, when classes, assessment deadlines or other events may be timetabled. If you are absent, or going to be absent from classes owing to illness or other unavoidable and unforeseen reasons, then you must complete an Absence Request via MyEscape in the Student Portal.

It is particularly important that you ensure that you are available for all assessments. Failure to attend an assessment may result in a mark of zero. Most assessments take place during the weeks designated as “Revision/Assessment” weeks.

Some assessments take place during teaching weeks. If you are ill or have other extenuating circumstances, and you miss, or are likely to miss an assessment, then you should contact Student Services as soon as possible. You can apply for Extenuating Circumstances via MyEscape in the Student Portal.