Escape Studios

student services team

Student Services are responsible for providing administrative and pastoral support and advice to all Escape Studios students from the point of application, through to registration, through programme of study, and on to the award of a qualification as part of graduation.

The team are based at our campus and are available between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Students can visit the Student Services desk for general advice or request personal meetings to discuss confidential issues.

Emergency contact details for students

+44 (0)20 7190 4312

Amy Antonioni, director of registry and student services

I joined Escape Studios back in 2015. It's been brilliant to have been part of its growth, not only in reputation, but also in actual student numbers. As director of registry and student services, my team and I provide administrative and pastoral support across the entire student lifecycle. I'm lucky to be leading a team who, like me, feel passionately about our students and our role in helping them achieve their potential.

Kim Robinson, Deputy Director of Registry and Student Services

I joined the Student Services team in 2018 and am primarily responsible for all areas of assessments, results and graduation. I have 26 years’ experience of working within higher education central administration and hope that my experience will help with the continuing growth of Escape Studios. I manage a small team who deal with front line student queries and we work to ensure that students have the best experience during their time with us.

Richard Easeman, Head of admissions

The Admissions department take applicants through from the point of application to enrolment. We review applications, organise interviews and issue applicants with course offers. I manage the department, ensuring that our processes are effective, fair and current. We can advise on UCAS and postgraduate applications, student finance and accommodation.

Rezarta Rushiti, Senior admissions officer

I joined Escape Studios in 2017 and it’s been great to see it grow and witness students’ journey from meeting them first during an open day, all the way to graduation. I’m responsible for responding and assisting applicants with the application process in person, by email over the phone or in writing. I deal with queries relating to entry requirements, eligibility, qualifications queries and accommodation.

Lucy Cumberland, Student administration and timetabling manager

I joined Escape Studios in 2018 and have worked in both the Admissions team and Student Administration team. My current role is student administration and timetabling manager which involves planning, scheduling and managing teaching timetables. I work closely with academic staff to create course, student and staff timetables, and also manage space allocation. I provide support to the rest of the team where needed.

Jessica Smith, Student administration advisor

I began working at Escape Studios in 2021, and was delighted to join the Student Services team. I answer student queries in person, over the phone and by email, and I’m always happy to help in any way I can. I also provide general administrative support within the team.

Chavi Sufrin, Head of student counselling service & mental health lead

I joined Escape Studios in 2018. My role includes managing the free, confidential student counselling support service as well as providing therapy sessions to students. If you are facing any challenges or difficulties in your life that are impacting you personally or academically, you may find it helpful to make an appointment to see us. I recognise that asking for help is not always an easy thing to do. You may find though, that talking to someone experienced who is completely separate to your family, social group and tutors, can help you to figure out ways to manage the difficulties you might be facing.

My counselling approach is to work collaboratively with clients to find the methods and tools that work best for each person as an individual. You can refer for counselling via MyEscape in the student portal.

Vanessa Mallin, Student counsellor

I joined Escape Studios in 2022 and am excited to be offering art therapy to students as part of our counselling support service. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of expression; art can be a helpful, empowering way to communicate thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be difficult to identify or say. If you feel art therapy might benefit you, you can refer for free, confidential counselling via MyEscape, in the student portal.

Ricardo Da Costa, Student counsellor

I recently joined the Escape Studios team in 2023,  I have enjoyed the experience and feel excited about continuing at our new home in Greewich. In my role, I offer talking therapy sessions to students and aim to provide a safe, respectful, and responsive space to clients' needs. I am a big believer in removing obstacles and making therapy more accessible so more people can benefit from the therapeutic experience. At Escape Studios you can take the initiative and refer directly to our service via the student portal.