Talent Development

We know from our hundreds of industry contacts that your employability goes far beyond having just a degree.  

A killer showreel or portfolio? Absolutely. An ArtStation account? Of course! Our Talent Development programme is dedicated to getting you studio industry ready, from your interview through to getting and staying in the job.

Alongside your studies, you’ll have access to events, workshops, resources and unique opportunities to build your career from day one. We offer you the chance to... 

  • Learn the ultimate showreel and portfolio practices from the best studios plus tailoring your CV and your LinkedIn profile 

  • Get exposure to employers through internship opportunities, Lunch n’ Learn sessions, industry days, projects and study abroad opportunities

  • Network with industry professionals, artists, directors and recruiters from the industry  

  • Cover all bases in starting your career – from must-haves to your application being noticed   

  • Enjoy a taste of your first industry interview and grow from essential feedback with mock interviews  

  • Meet our alumni who’ve been there and are keen to help you. 

Internships are a brilliant way to test out roles and career paths, enabling you to develop key skills and to gain experience and confidence, so that you stand out from the crowd ahead of graduation.   

Every year, our students intern at a range of different companies, from large studios to small start-ups, corporates through to Charites. We have a dedicated Internship team who are here to help you find a role that is a great match for your skills and career aspirations.

The Internship team acts a bit like a recruitment agency and applying to be on their books couldn’t be easier! 

  • Step 1: Complete the internship scheme application form. You can find this within the internships section of the Talent Development Centre. Once the team have received your application, they will be in touch to set up your one-to-one internship meeting.   

  • Step 2: Attend your one-to-one internship meeting. The aim of this 30-minute conversation is for the internships team to get to know you a bit better, learn more about your career aspirations and find out what makes you tick. This will help them determine roles that you would be well suited for.  

  • Step 3: Apply for internships! Internship roles will be advertised on the Talent Development Centre jobs board. If the team feel a role is particularly well suited to you, they may be in contact directly to encourage you to apply. You can also apply for internship roles yourself via company websites, LinkedIn and other popular job search sites! The internship team can help with CVs, application forms and interview prep.

That depends. Internships with our network of start-ups and smaller employers tend to be part-time alongside your studies. More formal internships with larger companies tend to take place over the summer. You will need to apply to these directly, but we are always on hand to help. The duration of the internship is entirely dependent on what a specific employer wants - an internship could be 4 weeks, 3 months or a whole year!

Most of the internships sourced by us are based in London but there are always opportunities elsewhere. If you live outside of London, it’s worth checking in your local area via websites such as Indeed or LinkedIn. If you wish to complete an internship abroad, we can discuss options in your 1-2-1 internship meeting.

Most internships will be paid for by the company and this is great. However, when companies such as charities and start-ups aren’t able to fund an internship, we can provide an internship bursary.

All live internship roles will be advertised on the Talent Development Centre jobs board.

Yes! We love to see students being proactive and applying for internships. Many larger organizations open applications for internship schemes many months in advance and the process often mirrors that of applying for graduate schemes. The internships team can help you with your applications, prepare for interviews and assessment centres.   

How do I contact the team?   

If you have any questions regarding internships, please reach out to the team on