news • 6 December 2023

Catching Up With Three VFX Escapees at Electric Theatre Collective

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Written by Clement Gharini

Head of VFX

I caught up with three VFX Escapees (alumni) who have been working in the industry for a little more than a year now. All three Escapees secured positions at leading Visual Effects company and Escape Studios industry partner Electric Theatre Collective (ETC). I was curious to hear about their experiences in the industry so far, so I headed over for a chat. 

VFX Rising Stars 

Aidan, Alberto and Scott graduated from Escape Studios with Visual Effects degrees in 2022 and immediately went off to work for ETC as a CG Generalist, Junior FX Artist and Nuke Compositor, respectively. (If you are interested in learning more about roles in VFX, check out our handy Careers Guide).
They approached the market with very strong showreels, carefully crafted while studying at Escape. The effort promptly paid off and the three friends found themselves snapped up by ETC within weeks of graduation. 
A year on, these VFX rising stars proudly speak about their achievements but also about the sense of confidence and responsibility their daily work provides. 
These Escapees are already behind major campaigns such as Coca-Cola and Apple

Electric Theatre Collective 

ETC or Electric Theatre Collective is a leading visual effects company based in London since 2011. 
It defines itself as "an exciting young company with a passion for new ideas, creativity and, above all, people. [...] A collective in every sense, Electric Theatre is founded on people, both inside and outside our office walls, giving us the friendly intimacy of a small company with the big creative muscle of an industry giant."

If you’re interested in careers in VFX, do check out our Visual Effects courses.

Watch the video interview below: