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Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology brings high-fidelity, interactive experiences to PC, console, mobile, AR, VR and the Web.

As the first Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center in the UK, and with our close partnership with Epic Games, we have developed a range of short courses in order to help train professionals in using Unreal Engine for various industries. We've recently trained professionals from companies across a range of industries including 3D architectural visualisation, film and TV, advertising, motion design, animation and video games.

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Authorized Training Center and Academic Partner

Through our close partnership with Epic Games (creators of Fortnite, Unreal Engine, Gears of War, Shadow Complex and the Infinity Blade series of games), we were the first UK institution to become an Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center.

This means that Epic Games support us in our training process, so we can ensure that you receive the highest quality of Unreal Engine learning. Our aim is to teach Unreal Engine to professionals and students, to help you up your game and be ready for the constantly evolving job market.

We are also an Unreal Engine Academic Partner. Another accolade that recognises our expertise in teaching Unreal Engine and the quality of our courses.

Unreal Engine Training

With the rise in studios wanting to utilise 'Real time' as part of their pipeline, we have developed an industry professional course line up to get you started and confident in Unreal Engine. Open to educators and industry professionals alike, check out the series of courses below.

If any of them sound interesting to you, click on the links below to book a course or get in touch on sales@escapestudios.com to find out more and register your interest for the next intake.

Be sure to check out the technical requirements below.

Fundamentals of Unreal Engine

Perfect for a comprehensive tour of Unreal Engine right from the start. You can book your spot here.


  • Intro to Epic Launcher

  • Unreal Engine Marketplace

  • Creating Projects & Levels

  • User Interface (UI) & Navigation


  • Manipulating Objects/Actors

  • Importing 3D Meshes

  • Creating collisions

  • Setting LODs

Technical Requirements

  • Participants to install Unreal Engine 5.3

  • Please ensure PC meets the hardware and software specifications

  • Exercise files (if any) will be provided prior to the session

  • Exercise files are to be downloaded, and opened once to compile shared prior to the session

  • Dual monitor setup is recommended

These are courses we have run and tested with various groups of industry professionals.

Take a look at our range of undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses.

An intensive training programme where we teach contemporary and practical knowledge of how to apply Unreal Engine 5 to the world of VP, as one of Epic Games' Unreal Connector Training Centres. Read more

We took top commercial artists from Framestore, The Mill, Hogarth, Untold Studios, Time Based Arts and Electric Theatre Collective on a journey through Unreal Engine 5, all the way to testing out their work on a virtual production stage.

Virtual Production courses supported by ScreenSkills that taught the fundamentals about virtual production (VP) techniques and real-time production for on-set processes, production, workflows and crew roles.

Escape Studios and ScreenSkills collaborated to ensure the VFX industry gets the talent it needs by offering a five-day course to learn Unreal Engine. Our students also got the chance to take a paid placement with some of the best VFX film and TV studios in the UK!

Covering the use of Unreal Engine across areas in animation such as pre-visualisation, layout, rigging, animation, modelling, lighting, importing characters into Unreal Engine and rendering.

Partnering with ScreenSkills and Epic Games, we delivered an online suite of workshops for freelancers and furloughed film/high-end television professionals. The programme of specialist Unreal Engine training allowed beginners to take the complete two weeks, and intermediate users to ‘pick’ and ‘mix’ single or multiple days depending on where they wanted to upskill.

During 2020, we launched The Unreal Engine Bootcamp, a curriculum to support furloughed and regrettably made redundant VFX artists to retrain and upskill in real-time production techniques. The objective was to prepare the industry for eventual growth during the time of lockdown by making the most of furloughed people’s free time, initiating new real-time techniques and workflows within the VFX industry.

Escape Studios provided a team of our 3D Artists with an excellent in-depth introduction to help us get up and running in Unreal, and the one-day course covered all the fundamentals needed to get started. Coming from the animation/film industry, we were curious to see how to adapt our linear pipeline to take advantage of Unreal's real-time game engine.

James Gaillard
Head of 3D at Studio AKA

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