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Real-world learning is the basis of our teaching strategy. What better experience than working on a brief set by an external client? Whether it’s part of their curriculum or in their free time, we encourage our students to work on industry-set briefs, to improve their technical and soft skills and strengthen their career prospects. 

Do you have a project in mind? We are actively seeking creative projects and live briefs for our talented students and graduates. Connect with us and gain fresh perspectives from promising young talent. 

Student projects completed for industry have included:  

  • production of 3D interactive and real-time environments 

  • production of 3D representations, E.g. exhibits, buildings, products, etc 

  • simulations and visualisations for use in education, training and development 

  • pre-production: 3D layout modelling, storyboarding and animatics, previsualisations 

  • post-production: video editing, re-workings, E.g. enhancements, adding and removing of elements, colour correction  

  • motion graphics, E.g. for use in title sequences and promotional films 

  • 2D and 3D animations 

Reach out to with your request.

See some examples or previous projects below. 

British Library

A group of our students completed a project with the British Library, The Making of a Myth. They created an interactive 3D version of the Ebstorf map, illustrating Alexander The Great's mythical quest. The interactive map was created in Unreal Engine, in the same style of artwork as the original map and set in a fictional medieval scriptorium to suggest the tone of the space in which it was created. 

Explore the map

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Escape Studios took part in the GOSHxSuperhero project with charity Superhope, Great Ormond Street Hospital and a number of partners from across the UK’s creative industries. The project started in May 2018, with one central question asked to hospitalised children: ‘if you were a superhero, how would you imagine yourself?’. Led by Escapee Roy Pecker, some of our tutors and students provided support and worked on the VFX shots for the short film, bringing the children’s superhero dreams and their powers to life. 

Meet the superheroes

It has been a real pleasure to work with Escape Studios and utilise their creative skills and technical knowledge for our new exhibition on Alexander the Great. This is a modern continuation of storytelling about Alexander while bringing a lost map to life in new and exciting ways. 

Yrja Thorsdottir
Digital Content Exhibition Curator at the British Library