news • 15 July 2019

Escape Studios is now an Unreal Authorized Training Center

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Written by Simon Fenton

Dean of Interactive and Real Time

I am very proud to announce that Escape Studios is now an Unreal Authorized Training Center

I started developing the games course in 2008 and it has changed beyond recognition since then, as has the games industry. 

We are very honoured to be selected to be part of the programme and to help train people in the amazing Unreal Engine

As well as our short courses, undergraduate and masters programmes, we also train companies in Unreal Engine, including recently Framestore

Unreal's amazing real-time rendering capabilities, Blueprint system and ease of use is not only changing the games industry but the CGI industry as a whole, from previz, VR and architecture vis to name just a few.

Unreal is a core part of the Escape Studios games courses and fundamental in helping us train our students towards becoming industry-ready talent for not only games but any of the rich and diverse fields currently using UE. Have a look through our blog or see examples of our students working in games, VR, and VFX.