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news • 22 April 2024

Escape Studios introduces exciting new courses starting in September 2024

Escape Studios, one of the UK’s leading animation, games and VFX schools, unveils the launch of several exciting new undergraduate and postgraduate courses with the first set to debut in September 2024. With a focus on meeting the evolving demands of the creative industry, the courses are tailored to provide students with the needed skills and expertise to thrive in areas of art, design, and technology.  

New postgraduate courses starting in September 2024 

  • MA Concept Art and Experience Design: Equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed for the many roles a Concept Artist/ Designer can do in the entertainment industries – from games, animation and film, to experiential design for branded events, theme parks, interiors and museums.  

  • MA Motion Graphics: The role of a Motion Graphics Designer is not only in demand, but varied and exciting. This course will equip students with the skills needed to work across a range of creative industries, including advertising, animation, broadcasting, multimedia, games, or film. 

  • MSc Games Design: Deep dive into the world of game development with this hands-on course, allowing students to explore game design principles, mechanics, and emerging technologies to create compelling interactive experiences. Students will gain the skills needed to work and support teams in both technical and artistic capacities across different real-time and interactive production environments. 

  • MSc Technical Art for Games and VFX: With a focus on the technical aspects of game and visual effects production, this course provides students with the skills to bridge the gap between art and technology, enabling them to excel in roles that require expertise in both areas, this unique skillset is what makes Technical Artists one of the most in demand roles in the industry. 

New undergraduate courses starting in September 2025 

  • BA/MArt Concept Art and Experience Design: This degree equips students with the tools for a successful career in both 2D and 3D visualisation for a range of exciting industries from games and film to experiential design for thematic real-world scenarios used in events, branded entertainment, theme parks, museums, installations, set design, VR visualisation and VAD (Virtual Art Department). 

  • BA/MArt of Motion Graphics: Motion Graphics blends diverse 2D and 3D components along with live action to craft vibrant, dynamic visuals. It's utilised to produce infographics, special sequences for films, video game animations, film titles, and advertising across multiple mediums. 

  • BSc/MSci Programming for Games and VFX: Tailored to aspiring game developers and technical artists, students learn programming languages and techniques essential for creating games and visual effects for film, television, and interactive media.  

The school prides itself on its industry-relevant curriculum, built and taught by industry professionals who are actively engaged in the creative sector. With state-of-the-art facilities and a supportive learning environment, students can explore and unleash their creativity and pursue their passion for art and technology.