news • 5 January 2024

My Experience Applying to Escape Studios

A headshot of Escape student Kam, taken outdoors in nature

Written by Kam Pranckuniate

Second Year Student, The Art of Computer Animation (2D)

My application journey was filled with so many possible pathways to embark on. I attended various open days all around London and had to decide on one perfect place for me to study. In this blog, I’ll be discussing my journey and highlighting important parts of my application process to Escape Studios. 

Higher education via UCAS 

The most common way to apply to study higher education in the UK is through UCAS, which I was guided by my tutors to do during my last year studying for an Extended Diploma in college. I was mainly interested in applying to 2D or 3D animation courses though I wasn’t sure which pathway I wanted to follow. Most of my background in animation had been 2D and I was uncertain if I wanted to fully delve into 3D animation for the next three years of my studies. Initially, I had never considered Escape Studios and didn’t know much about it, so my options were filled with institutions I wasn’t 100% confident in. Most undergraduate courses offered one or the other with no option to test run both types of animation. However, Escape Studios offered a combined first year where I would get to try out 3D animation for the first time as one of my modules and many other things like 2D and 3D VFX. Before starting my degree, I never really enjoyed 3D modelling aspects and worried that 3D animation was going to be too similar to 3D modelling, but I was wrong and really enjoyed the module.  

I first learned about Escape Studios when my college classmate told me about their amazing experience visiting the campus and meeting some staff members. Hearing about the accepting studio environment when it comes to disabilities and the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the facilities and industry connections mentioned, was more than enough for me to realise this was the perfect place for me to study. 

Visiting Escape Studios

Though I was unable to attend any open days at the time, while studying in college I was fortunately given the opportunity to visit Escape Studios for a portfolio review day with my class. I received feedback within the studio from Studio Assistants about what I should include/change within my portfolio, I was also given tips on how to improve some of my current project work at the time.  

It was great meeting all the lovely staff members and being able to ask as many questions as I wanted to about the courses. Being able to see the equipment like the Wacom drawing tablets, green screen, and more really strengthened my confidence in this studio as the environment I wanted to study in. It was also really nice to get familiar with the professional environment at Escape before I eventually began my studies there. 

Applying to study at Escape Studios

The most suitable way to move forward was to exchange emails with the Escape Admissions Team and receive guidance on the best way to apply at the time. 

The communication via email with the Admissions Team was really comprehensive, informative and swift. They proceeded to instruct me on the necessary steps I should take to move forward with my application at the time, including submitting my portfolio. 

Previously I had created a dedicated portfolio website using the free version of Wix, but I decided to submit via what is now the main platform I showcase my work on - ArtStation. Within my portfolio, I included some projects I worked on while studying for my Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animation & Games Design. This included things such as 2D animation using Adobe Animate, illustrations using Krita or drawing traditionally, 3D modelling in 3DSMax and Unreal Engine 4. 

Above is some of the work used by Kam in their portfolio.


In the end, I received a conditional offer from Escape Studios within 2 weeks after my portfolio submission. I accepted and was able to start my studies in September once I finished my Level 3 Extended Diploma during the summer. It’s never too late to follow your passions, ask questions and remain determined. 

I decided to accept the offer because of their flexibility when it came to changing courses within the first year of their Bachelor of Arts programmes to a different Escape Studios course within that field (subject to availability), industry professional lecturers and software, and the industry style work environment. It’s always important to remember to ask for help to go in the right direction, I wouldn’t have got to where I am today if I hadn’t just asked and tried my best. 

Good luck to everyone applying! 

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The undergraduate UCAS deadline for September 2024 admission is 31st January 2024 at 6:00pm - apply to us by this time for equal consideration.