news • 20 June 2024

Portfolio Tips for Motion Graphics

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Written by Alexander Williams

Dean/Director of Animation and Visual Effects

Thinking of applying to one of our Motion Graphics courses? One of the questions we get asked most by prospective students is: What should go into my portfolio? The short answer is - a bit of everything: Design, drawings, painting, life drawing, sketches, scribbles, 3D digital artwork - ideally uploaded to your own website or blog.

In particular, we are looking for a good sense of design and visual composition. Here are some key points to keep in mind when building your Motion Graphics portfolio.

You don't need to be a pro

You don't necessarily need to have produced motion design before, but you should demonstrate a knowledge or interest in the subject. Knowledge of or interest in storytelling, narrative, filmmaking, branding, marketing or audio design is also a plus.

Computer Skills

Most, but not all work will be produced on a computer, so it's essential that you have a good level of familiarity with computers and computer software. Motion Graphics is a blend of art and technology.

Art Skills

The strongest Motion Designers have skills adjacent to design, such as drawing and/or painting. These are disciplines which feed into motion graphics and will elevate your work. Even basic drawing skills are a plus. Many designers find it useful to create small rough drawings or "thumbnail sketches" to plan their work.

Design & Technology

At the Annecy film festival a few years back, Tom Box, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director of Blue Zoo Animation, put it best of all when he explained how Blue Zoo look for artists with "a blend of techy skills and visual skills"

Motion Graphics Software

The principal software we use for Motion Graphics is Adobe After Effects and - for 3D work - Cinema 4D. Both software programs offer free trial periods - try doing a few simple tutorials to see how you get on.

Online portfolio

The best kind of portfolio is a website or blog showcasing your work. It's never too early to have your own online showcase, using websites like ArtStation.

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