news • 8 December 2022

Top tips for your first week at Escape Studios

About me 

Hi, my name is Ethan. I am about to begin my second year at Escape Studios studying BA (Hons) The Art of Visual Effects. In this blog, I give you an overview of what it is like during your first week of university, this will include what to expect and what you can do to prepare yourselves. 

What to expect 

Within your first week of joining University (or in my case Escape Studios), you will have an enrolment week. At Escape Studios, I had a set day that I went on campus with a group of other students. Here, was when we first signed in and were given all of our necessary information including our student ID and lanyard! Once you complete the signing-in process, there will be a short introduction to the courses and the university. 

At Escape Studios, we watched some amazing videos of Escapees' work and had a small introduction as to what to expect over the next coming months. Afterwards, we got to know some fellow students by having a games morning playing pinball, super smash bros and lots more! You also get an opportunity to buy some Escape Studios Merch and receive a free goodie bag. 

After you have finished enrolment, make sure to keep an eye on all your emails as Escape Studios will send out lots of information on how to get logged into your university account. This will allow you to access all of your course information for the next few months and your term dates (very important!). 

Finally, there's Fresher’s Week! At Escape Studios, you can purchase a week-long ticket which has lots of fresher’s activities including club nights, pub crawls and games nights! 

How to prepare and how to get the most out of your week 

The best way to get started when preparing for your first week at University is by always checking your emails regularly as this will notify you of what to expect and allows you to plan that week effectively. 

Escape Studios has an amazing informative discord for students which is emailed out before you have your first week. The discord has lots of admins to help answer questions and lots of activities such as buying freshers tickets which is an amazing opportunity to get a taste of the amazing nightlife of London and make some friends before you start taking lectures the week after. 

In addition to the discord, lots of other information is emailed out about what to bring with you to your enrolment week. Make sure to take notes of all the items you need to take with you to get signed in quickly and easily. Often you will need your passport or some form of ID to prove your identity. 

Finally, make sure you get involved as much as you can! Whether that’s in discord chats or in-person talking, getting to know some of your lecturers and fellow students. This really helps to ease your nerves and get settled into university life. 

Remember to never be afraid to ask questions and seek support if you’re unsure about anything such as timetables and where rooms can be found. Communication is always key to settling into university and there is always lots of support around which can be found in person, on the discord or by email. 

I hope that this gives you a good insight into what to expect during your first week at university, my number one tip would always be to get involved and enjoy the first few weeks!