news • 28 June 2024

Unleashing Creativity Through Movement: The Dance Society at Escape Studios

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Written by Leony Ye

The Art of Video Games Student

Escape Studios is a creative hub with its cutting-edge courses in animation, games and visual effects. As well as their degrees, the students showcase their artistic nature with our various societies, such as the dance society. The dance society at Escape Studios brings a vibrant splash of rhythm and movement to the school, offering students an exhilarating escape from their digital canvases and computer screens.  

Founded by a group of passionate students who wanted to share their love for dance, the dance society quickly became a beloved part of the Escape Studios community and works as a sanctuary for students to express themselves freely through movement. From contemporary to hip-hop, ballet to waacking, the society encompasses a spectrum of styles, ensuring there is a niche for every dancer to explore and flourish. Outside of class, the discord server provides a space to gain invaluable insights like choreography tutorials, opportunities in London and any content people are willing to share.  

Often, dance classes take place as the Sugar House Island in Stratford and held based on members’ availability. All classes start off with a warm-up, the choreography is taught slowly with counts and music is brought in at a slow speed of 0.5x, then 0.75x and then normal speed. As the groups are usually small, everyone gets individual attention.  

The dance society provides a strong sense of community, acceptance and diversity. Regardless of background, experience or dance preferences, all are welcome to join this society.