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3D VFX Tutor

Federico Arculeo

Federico’s journey in the 3D world began in 2018 when he moved to London to start the 3D for VFX course at Escape Studios, where he learned the most advanced techniques required by the industry. 

Right after the course, he started working as a Studio Assistant for undergraduate and postgraduate Gaming and VFX courses, during which he was able to acquire new skills such as the use of Unreal Engine, and at the same time improve the skills already acquired during the course such as:  

  • Tracking

  • Advanced texturing

  • Modelling (both hard surface and sculpting) 

  • Shading  

After this, he had the great opportunity to work as a Matchmove Artist for the film Thor: Love and Thunder at Framestore for around a year, where he was able to learn new techniques and expand his knowledge related to the world of tracking.  

All of this led Federico to his current role at Escape Studios, where he helps first-year students enter the world of VFX and lay the groundwork for what will be their future careers.