MA Game Design Tutor

Glyn Fairweather

Glyn has been modding and designing digital and physical games since 1997, with a passion that extends to writing tabletop RPGs. This lifelong dedication to game design has fuelled his career and driven his innovative contributions across various platforms.

He kicked off his professional journey at Jagex in 2011, diving in just as the company was overhauling its live operations and monetization strategies. Glyn quickly became a key player in an innovative team that broke the mould in Runescape, crafting fresh free-to-play mechanics and systems.

Driven by a passion for Games as a Service (GAAS), Glyn moved to Space Ape Games, where he oversaw the full delivery of all live game features and content for Samurai Siege. He also shined as the LiveOps designer for FASTLANE, orchestrating a major launch event and creating ongoing content to keep the game running smoothly without constant design input.

Glyn then joined social media and AR startup LoveShark, establishing a design philosophy and dynamic workshop process to produce prototypes. Collaborating closely with a UX designer, he brought the player experience to life on their platform.

For the past four years, Glyn has been shaping game design as the Design Director at Fundamentally Games. Here, he provided design support and actionable insights to studios and indie developers at various stages of development, helping them refine their games and achieve their creative visions.