news • 6 June 2024

13 Websites for VFX Compositing Students to Follow

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Written by Klaudija Cermak


Since the release of the VFX Compositing Students Reading List blog post, two exciting new books have entered the market.

  • Visual Effects for Indie Filmmakers: A Guide to VFX Integration and Artist Collaboration

The book is not just perfect for filmmakers, but also everyone working on a VFX team project, in which you may be exploring the possibility of being a filmmaker yourself. Let's celebrate female writer in VFX!

  • Virtual Filmmaking with Unreal Engine 5: A step-by-step to creating a complete animated short film

This is another book to take you out of your comfort zone and shift your thinking to becoming a content creator or just widening your horizons.

Besides the books mentioned above, below a list of 13 websites to follow that will help you expand your knowledge beyond classes.

The website covers all aspects of filmmaking, from concept to delivery. Be informed, compositing is just a small cog in the pipeline, however, VFX Compositors are expected to know it all.

Interviews, breakdowns and showreels that will develop your eye for detail.

This website is a classic and must-follow, with articles and podcasts on all aspects of VFX.

Chris Brejon's website on lighting, CG and cinematography. A must!

VFX breakdowns and podcasts by Ian Failes. You can't develop as an artist unless you watch befores and afters extensively.

Great website for VFX Compositing techniques. If you haven't mastered IBK Gizmo yet this is the place to go to.

YouTube Channel by Victor Perez with great Foundry's Nuke VFX Compositing techniques revealed weekly.

Read Compositing Academy Alex Hanneman's post Sora, and the Future of VFX Compositing to see what VFX Compositing skills will keep you future-proof.

Tutorials from Hugo Guerra for Nuke VFX Compositing.

Wonderful Matte paintings breakdowns and tutorials.

Beautiful filmic stock footage to practice on and use on Showreels. Paid but worth it.

Production quality VFX footage, free tutorials and free practice footage.

Recorded FX footage to be used in VFX.